‘Thank you,” two small, but magical words, that can go a long way! Just hearing the words ‘thank you’ makes us feel better. It makes us feel appreciated and loved, that our efforts are recognized, and our existence in the lives of those around us is felt. Now, if simply hearing the words makes you smile, imagine what sending a Thank You gift would make your colleagues, friends or family feel. Ecstatic, probably! And with an option to build your own box at Giftopiia, your gift cannot get any more personal than this!


We understand that searching for the perfect Thank You gift can get a bit overwhelming, especially when you’re looking to send a thoughtful gift and not just any gift. That is why we have put together a list here of all the different ways you can say thank you.


1. Buy them all their favorite snacks!

You know what they say; the quickest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. This is an equally safe and fun option. You can never go wrong with food. A box filled with delicious Haribo Goldbears, marshmallows and their favorite Kukuruza popcorn will show how much thought you’ve given into putting together a gift. After all, isn’t chocolate just another way to say ‘thank you’?


2. Pamper them with a scented candle, a lotion, a facial cleanser or all three!

The Sea Me Cleanse from Teal with seaweed and tea tree oil will keep them looking fresh all day long. It’s a gift that says ‘thank you. Now let me take care of you.” A bath bomb is also a fantastic thank you pampering gift. You can find all these and other great skin care products on our website here.


3. Throw in their favorite Tea, a mug and some coasters

Who wouldn’t enjoy a good cup of tea? We know we would. If the person you’re gifting finds pleasure in creating flavorsome specialty teas, then the Metaltex tea infuser from giftopiia is the perfect gift. You can also add in some coasters -check our collection of coaster here from Zee Designs- and chocolate or a personalized mug to complete the perfect gift box.


If you’ve decided on buying a gift last minute or are not sure what items they might like, that’s okay, we have got you covered. You can always browse the curated boxes collection on Giftopiia; you are bound to find something your gift recipient would like there.


4. The Barista Box

If the person you are gifting is a Coffee-holic, then the Barista Box is what you are looking for. With a recipe booklet for coffee ideas, espresso capsules, an ‘on the go’ espresso machine, spoon, chocolate covered espresso beans and travel mug, expect a real hug, in exchange for the coffee-hug you just gave them.


5. The Beauty Box

Treat them to a spa day wherever they may be with our new beauty box with only the best beauty and skin products you can get your hands on in the market. Their skin will thank them and they will thank YOU!


6. The Night In Box

Sometimes the best way to thank someone is as simple as spending more alone quality time with them. And what better way to spend some quality time than a laid-back night in with the guys –or girls to watch your favorite movies together. That is exactly what our Movie Night Box is all about, fun and food to share! Check it out here.

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