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It is always great to plan a gift that fits perfectly within your budget, avoiding any worries about a gift box being too expensive. It is lovely to see all the items you feel your loved ones will appreciate come together and still be able to afford it all. However, that process became much more simplified than how it is currently for the lovely gift-buying folks like you!

Thankfully, we got your back as we have 10 featured ready-made gift boxes that will fit all your needs for gifting the perfect gift box, while not taking too much from your planned budget. Each would bring different offerings that will increase variety and diversity, making it easier to choose the right gift box that suits your friends and family members’ tastes. Prepare your wallet, because here are the recommended gift ideas under 700 EGP.


1.Productivity System Gift Box For Hard Workers

Being productive can be a struggle without the right tools. Thanks to the Productivity System ready-made gift box, with the perfect solution packed inside, that is no longer a problem to worry about. Costing 400 EGP, your hardworking loved ones will receive a Noted pack filled with empty note pages waiting to be written on, and a dedicated piece to place said notes on.

Productivity System Gift

The Productivity System gift box is the right solution that will significantly increase productivity and efficiency for anyone that likes working hard. It is time to show how work can be a convenient and enjoyable process to do during everyone’s daily lives. This would be one of the most perfect gift ideas under 700 EGP for birthdays and job promotions in particular.

2.The Boss Gift Box For Those In Charge

A boss that cares about their colleagues should always be savored by everyone as they create healthy and safe working environments. With just 599 EGP, you can show your appreciation to your kind-hearted manager with a gift that is up to their style while still being a thoughtful one. Including a pack of Noted note pages and a yearly planner, your boss will have everything within their personal work under control.


The Boss Gift Box


The Boss ready-made gift box ticks all the marks for what would be a special gift box for any boss that you strongly appreciate having around. Without them, your work would not be the same at all. Similar to the previous one, this gift idea under 700 EGP fits perfectly for birthdays and job promotion occasions. However, this might fit neatly with the latter in particular.

3.The Black Box For Dark Lovers

Nothing can be as cool as the color black for a good number of people, and you most likely know one or more that feel exactly like that. Don’t you worry, as there is a ready-made gift box for every small thing. For 549 EGP, you will have a special gift box that contains a dark-colored cardholder and a black coffee cup to head start the morning on the right note.


gift box for men


Now anybody that loves the color black will instantly appreciate this dark-colored gift box. Bring a thoughtful gift box with such a dark color for your loved ones, showing that you do remember what their favorite color truly is. This is a casual birthday gift under 700 EGP that can be perfectly planned for celebratory occasions.

4.Enchanted Gift Box For Relaxing Self-Care

Nothing is better than an enchanting ready-made gift box that guarantees satisfaction for all the 

ladies that crave any kind of relaxation and self-care. Just like how its name implies, this thoughtful ready-made gift box collects all the best self-care offerings for women. With 599 EGP, you can bring an eye mask, a champagne scrunchie, delicious Belgian chocolate with cranberries, a fine fragrance, and a relaxing scented candle.

The blissful spa is in the form of a gift box so any of your loved ones can fully relax in the comfort of their homes. Nothing is as thoughtful as this enchanting ready-made gift box that is perfect for women all around. This gift idea under 700 EGP fits the occasion of a summer vacation for your loved ones, to maximize their potential relaxation before they head back to work.

5.Monday Blues Gift Box For Break Lovers

Mondays, gotta love that day with how many people need to properly relax after a long day of work. Calm these Monday Blues down for your loved ones with this relaxing ready-made gift box. For 599 EGP, your loved ones can enjoy a more chill time by themselves with a soothing tea, a scented candle, an eye mask, and a delightful blue tea cup.

relaxing ready made gift box For 599 EGP


Help your loved ones end their long Monday with the following relaxing ready-made gift box curated specifically for them. There is no better way to relax than with the offerings included in this caring gift box. Just like the previous one, this gift idea under 500 EGP best fits your loved ones who will have a vacation-oriented occasion to best relax before returning to work.

6.Minty Green Lover Gift Box For Nature Lovers

Nature has its beauty within this world, and it is time to be green about it with thoughtful and caring gift boxes. This is the best example of the greenest gift box you can possibly bring while being on a budget. With 480 EGP, you can gift a minty gift box that includes detox, Belgian dark chocolate peppermint, mint mouthwash, funny socks, and a relaxing candle.

natural gift box

A refreshingly natural gift box that brings all the green into your loved ones’ lives. Simple yet extremely effective for a budget ready-made gift box. This fits for gifts that involve someone needing to get well soon as an occasion. After a long time of work or studying, this could work as a fitting graduation gift under 700 EGP for your loved ones.

7.“Me” Time Gift Box For Solo Relaxation

There are some folks that prefer to relax and unwind after a long day with their own company and nobody else. It is more that they prefer to be solo while they recharge themselves for future plans and hangouts. It would be useful to consider the perfect ready-made gift box for solo-goers, and this fits the bill with a budget. For just 555 EGP, they will get a delicious Columbian coffee, a grey coffee cup with a special aesthetic, and a caramel-scented candle.


houghtful gift under 700 EGP


For those that prefer their own company, these offerings are perfect to guarantee a relaxing and enjoyable “me” time for your loved ones who need some recharging after a long day. Think of how much they will be re-energized after utilizing such a thoughtful gift under 700 EGP. Vacation occasions work best for this kind of gift that involves self-care.

8.Ready, Scent, Go! Gift Box For Candle Lovers

Candles are extremely invigorating and relaxing at the same time depending on which kind you get for any home. However, we are going for the relaxation angle as too much energy needs to be saved up somewhere else for your loved ones while still keeping the budget. For 649 EGP, let your loved ones get soothed with various candles and bath salt to guarantee the best relaxing day possible.

Nothing like being surrounded with scents that calm you down everywhere, which is why this gift under 700 EGP is ready to be given to your loved ones who have this desire to relax through candles. Birthdays and vacation-oriented occasions fit best for this scent-filled gift full of relaxing vibes.

9.Tropicana Gift Box For Tropical People

Pumpkin, mango, banana… what do these three have in common? They are all tropical and their themes persist in this perfect ready-made box that includes everything a tropical lover will appreciate with a budget. With just 450 EGP, this gift box includes a detox, Belgian dark chocolate peppermint, a mint mouthwash, and a scented candle that all fit the theme of being tropical.

Get your loved ones tropical with this perfect ready-made gift box, especially if they particularly love the color orange. A lot of people love orange, trust us there! Just in time for special occasions such as Halloween or someone’s birthday that is conveniently close to both autumn  with this gift under 400 EGP.

10.Very Berry Gift Box For Red Lovers

Know any red lover that appreciates their solo time but needs to be in the right mood with the proper color? Of course you do, especially with this curated and ready-made gift box that perfectly fits within your budget. With 450 EGP, you will get for your red-loving friend a strawberry mouthwash, cute socks with funny ghost designs, a scented candle, a detox, and almond cashew cranberry clusters.


gift for girl under 500


All this BERRY good time with the color red for your loved ones as they relax while vibing with their favorite color. Nothing better than being blessed with such a caring gift box. That gift under 500 EGP fits really well with graduation and birthdays as the perfect occasions to prepare this gift box for.

Prepare The Right Gift For Your Loved Ones Under A Budget from giftopiia

With all these gifting opportunities, you can send the perfect gift box without worrying at all about your wallet suddenly disappearing in one go. A budget is a perfect plan to not go too wild with gifting opportunities, as much as you would love to prepare the most expensive gifts possible.

Start planning the perfect budget gift box today with these recommendations and make your loved ones’ day with any of these fantastic gifts.

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