Best Corporate Gift Ideas to Reward Every Employee

best corporate gift ideas

Are you not sure how to engage with employees and clients in a more personal manner? After a massive success in your business, you want to build a legitimate appreciation for everyone’s efforts to make it happen. The question is how to do precisely that while making it more personal and impactful for the company. At first glance, it is a highly confusing and daunting task to prepare while not wanting to demotivate your employees and clients.

Thankfully, it is a lot simpler now with the concept of corporate gifting. Not only that, it is a straightforward process to prepare the best and most robust gifting event to celebrate a company’s employees and clients. As the management team that oversees the company’s business, it shows that you genuinely care about your employees’ hard work. Saying it to your staff is one thing, but doing it will leave an impact that would improve work productivity and loyalty.

Corporate gifting is not new either for giftopiia, as we have previous corporate clients we worked with. Clients we worked with included Bespoke, Ghabbour, Dell, and more, so we are aware of bits and pieces on how it all works. Not only that, but we strive to make corporate gifting even better as much as possible.

We are not content on just knowing how it works, but also how we can evolve its concept.That merely scratches the surface for corporate gifting, however. This article will be the definitive guide of corporate gifting and the coolest ideas you can work on in the meantime. Let’s get this started and take some notes, and maybe check out our corporate gifting service right here! and request our catalogue.


  • What is Corporate Gifting
  • How Should You Do Corporate Gifting
  • Why Corporate Gifting Matters
  • Cool Corporate Gift Boxes
    • The “Care Package” Box
    • The Cilantro-Curated Boxes
    • Corporate Chocolate Gift Boxes
  • Cool Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees and Clients
  • Luxurious and High-End Corporate Gift Ideas
  • Final Words
  • What is Corporate Gifting

    Corporate gifting is the idea of creating a more personalized connection between senior staff or management team and their employees or between your company and your clients. It can range from preparing gifts for prospective applicants to full-time employees. With a gift in general, one forms a pleasant attachment that management can use to foster a positive relationship with the brand better.


    corporate gifts

    With that in mind, it could significantly increase retention and decrease turnover as loyalty is being built up healthily. Thanks to that, the Endowment effect activates in the minds of the recipients. What that meant is how there is a sense of appreciation for being thought about with a gift. That enhances the positive effect on employee’s work and increases loyalty and trust in the company.

    It doesn’t have to be just with employees or applicants as well. Companies could easily do corporate gifting for prospective consumers too. If a company sends a personalized gift to a customer increases the chances for them to turn into regulars.

    For clients, the gifts show that their contributions to the company are valued, improving the prospects for a continued relationship. Finally, employees feel a lot more valued, which enhances their productivity at work.

    How Should You Do Corporate Gifting

    A variety of ways exist for a business to prepare an event or send corporate gifts for their intended recipients. Such methods include hosting personal events specifically for employees along with company events and generating special recognition. As for prospects and clients, personalized events focused on them, or direct mail packages would be more than enough.



    Corporate Gift Boxes (Qcentris)


    The most popular method of hosting the corporate gifting concept is through direct mail, which brings high returns in investment compared to other ideas.

    Companies also started planning to make specialized initiatives for their employees focused primarily on corporate gifts. It is slowly expanding to other departments other than marketing ones such as HR and customer support.

    More possibilities and emphasis on corporate gifts will be available for many businesses to utilize as time goes on. The trend has been becoming higher recently, and results have shown promising effects on the general work environment. Senior management started to emphasize the importance of rewarding their staff much more regularly because of said improvements.

    Why Corporate Gifting Matters

    The big thing to take away from the importance of corporate gifting is how effective it is for businesses all over. The notable ones to quickly mention are direct mail becoming a standard method of preparing corporate gifts and their positive effects on recipients. There are much more to note rather than those such as:

    • 38% of the individuals sent a gift from business influence how they feel about the corporation.
    • Campaigns that involved direct mail had higher chances to deliver excellent sales performance by 27%
    • 40% were also more likely to provide fantastic acquisition stages.

    These are fundamental traits to keep in mind while preparing the optimal corporate gifts to enhance the working environment and retain loyal customers. Multiple businesses have demonstrated positive effects such as increased phone connect rates with customers and significant ROI rates. All of the following illustrates how profitable and productive corporate gifting can be for companies and why they should be considered sooner rather than later.

    Cool Corporate Gift Boxes

    The “Care Package” Box

    Many businesses attempt to go with the “Working From Home” initiative to keep their employees safe in these unprecedented times. Corporations are doing their best to look after their staff as much as possible to retain similar productivity levels. However, the senior team can only do so much with unfamiliar and different circumstances. It can change quickly with ready-made corporate gift boxes, especially if one looks after their safety.


     Image of closed Care Package box with its items outside

    With a Care Package Box, we made a safe box to reflect a combination of comfortable products that have the perfect endurance for their hard times. This corporate gift box idea will be vital to show that you as a business are looking after your employees’ health. In turn, they will feel like they are valued and cared for, increasing their loyalty and productivity a lot more. This corporate gift box includes:

    • Two Pairs of Comfortable Socks
    • Kukuruza Caramel Popcorn
    • Raha Candle
    • Orowhite Mouthwash 
    • Scrunch Treats 
    • Schogetten Chocolate
    • Sea Me Sanitize [Mini] 

    It is the best corporate gift box that emphasizes how much the company cares about its people, no matter what. In times like these, all the employees need is to feel cared for. The box will safely deliver this message with no doubt. That is not the only ready and curated corporate gift box you can use for employees and clients, though.

    The Cilantro-Curated Boxes

    It is always great to treat your employees and clients with delicious corporate gift boxes, especially if a productivity boost is involved. In a way, gift boxes involving warm chocolate, coffee, and frappe show care for the recipients in many ways. There is no set method for showing how one looks after others.

    Cilantro Classic Hot Chocolate Kit 


    Cilantro Classic Hot Chocolate Kit gift box


    The following corporate gift box idea contains a kit that is best for warming up on a cold winter day and guarantees employees a sweet and warm mug of hot chocolate. Top it off with toasted marshmallow fluff, and have treated your employees and clients to a delicious treat. This corporate gift box includes the following for the best hot chocolate possible for work:

    • Cilantro’s Signature Hot Chocolate Powder (500g)
    • Cilantro’s Ceramic Mug 
    • Wooden Spoon 
    • Marshmallow Fluff
    • Cilantro’s Signature Sauce (Chocolate or Caramel)
    • Blow Torch

    It is the definitive corporate gift box to send for employees and clients with a strong appreciation for hot chocolate. Cilantro, especially, has everyone’s back with the most delicious snack during cold weathers in particular. Cilantro has other delicious gift boxes as well that have been curated for everyone.

    Almost everyone loves chocolate as well, so using that ready-made corporate gift box will be an effortless choice for most businesses, and we highly recommend it. Hot chocolate is perfect for any occasion, especially during colder times, from time to time. With Cilantro’s kit, it has never been easier to brew hot chocolate for yourself and others. It is the ideal gift for any chocolate lover within the company.

    Cilantro Basic Coffee Kit


    Cilantro Basic Coffee Kit

    This corporate gift box idea contains a kit that guarantees any employee a perfect cup of coffee every time before work, increasing productivity levels to unprecedented levels. Many workers rely on an effective boost from coffee right before work, which will be even more prevalent during the “Work From Home” initiative. The kit includes:

    • French Press Machine
    • 250g of Cilantro Coffee Beans 
    • Ceramic Mug 

    A simple yet highly effective corporate gift box idea that will help a lot in making employees and clients much more active. Unlike other kits, the French Press gives anyone absolute control over the infusion time. Employees can expect to get the same barista-quality flavors without ever having to leave their kitchen while working at home. Even more so with Arabica blend from Brazil and Central America’s high plains with a touch of Robusta India Parchment Kaapi Royal Beans. That is not all, as there is one more kit box from Cilantro for all workers.

    Coffee has always been considered the primary beverage to have every morning before work. Some might have difficulties brewing one, which would cause distractions, wasted time, and low productivity. With this curated kit, just like the previous one, coffee brewing has become much more effortless with its conveniences, thanks to Cilantro.

    Cilantro Essential Frappe Kit


    Cilantro Essential Frappe Kit gift box

    This corporate gift box idea is for frappe experimenters who want to cool down the hot weather while working back at home. Summer had everyone sweating, and quarantining like that during work is a distraction. With Cilantro's frappe kit, that can change for the better! They include the following for the best convenience that employees can relish from:

    • Doodled Cilantro Glass Cup
    • 500g Frappe Powder (Latte or Mocha)
    • 1 Bottle of 250ml Monin Syrup (Caramel or Hazelnut)
    • 1 Bottle of 250g Cilantro Signature Sauce (Caramel or Chocolate)
    • 25 Paper Straws

    This gift box’s contained kit leaves employees to experiment slightly with something different from usual as a treat, especially during hot summer days at home. Having something to cool down with during work would help a lot with productivity and feeling valued and cared for by companies.

    With all of that being considered, those are great corporate gift box ideas to ponder about for your employees and clients. That is not all, though. There is some extra stuff to think about for chocolate-lovers, and there are many of them around.

    Corporate Chocolate Gift Boxes

    Chocolate is the sweetest and most popular dessert that caught the world by the storm a long time ago. It is also the easiest gift anyone can think of and has guaranteed satisfaction, especially for employees and clients. There are many chocolate ideas to work with and they are one of the best corporate gift box ideas, and here are some of them.

    Schogetten Chocolate Bars


    Schogetten Yoghurt Strawberry Milk Chocolate


    Schogetten always fulfills a chocolate lover’s wish no matter when and where. Being German-produced supports the allure of their chocolate products significantly, even more so with chocolate fans. Many types and flavors are available such as dark, white, milk, alpine, latte macchiato, yogurt strawberry, and more.

    The offerings Schogetten has for their chocolate lovers are almost endless, especially with the premium quality that they offer. In a way, it could be considered as luxurious and delicious chocolate to look out for, which employees and clients will recognize. We highly recommended starting with this specific chocolate first before any other idea for initial planning.

    Scrunch Chocolate



    Scrunch Belgian Dark Chocolate Peppermint



    With Scrunch, this unique Belgian chocolate offers 70% premium quality bound to satisfy any chocolate lover easily. They are predominantly dark chocolate but with flavors such as refreshingly zesty peppermint and roasted crunchy almond. The rich taste is demonstrated in both flavors, thanks to Scrunch’s premium product level with its chocolates.

    Bahlsen Chocolate Wafer Rolls


    Bahlsen Waffle Minis Milk Chocolate Crispy Wafer Rolls


    Bahlsen is another German-focused producer of chocolate that strives to bring the richest tasting experience for snack lovers. A crunchy wafer was first rolled into delicious layers and then dipped halfway into rich European chocolate. One of the most delightful wafer rolls ever to grace any chocolate lover’s mouth. It is bound to satisfy employees and clients that appreciate chocolate in any manner.

    Tiffany Chocolate Collection


    Tiffany Break Mini Fun

    Tiffany is known to collect multiple chocolate brands’ bars and assorts them into a singular package. They are assembled into one bag, but the bag is also resealable and considered a safe container. The assembled chocolate could consist of either wafer-filled chocolate bars or praline ones. The main appeal is how it collects many chocolates into a single package, which increases Tiffany’s value as a chocolate gift for anyone.

    Merci Chocolate Specialties


    Merci Finest Selection 4 Varieties of Chocolate Specialties

    Merci consists of the finest assortment of chocolates that come from European nations. Conveniently, many could translate it as “thank you” to show appreciation for your hard-working employees and clients for your business. It is considered a delightful gift, especially for expressing gratitude in these scenarios, perfect for the working environments. Fascinatingly enough, it is also produced over in Germany, which is paramount for premium quality as indicated by other similar chocolates.

    There are many ideas and possibilities to make the best corporate chocolate gift boxes for employees and clients. Some show the gratitude owners and managers have towards their workers, which will significantly help build loyalty. It is crucial to make employees and clients feel valued for their contributing work, which would decrease turnovers as well in the process. Check our dedicated Corporate Chocolate Gift Box Ideas for stronger focus on this category.

    They are curated explicitly in mind for everyone, including corporations, to be easily prepared with no need to customize each box. Accessibility and convenience are factors to strive for with any client, which is the purpose of curated corporate gift boxes. If more personalization is preferable, there is a multitude of ideas to work with just as much.

    Creative Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees and Clients

    As much as we discussed previous ideas, they were mostly to prepare ready-made boxes and easy-to-make ones focused on chocolates. If you as a business are looking to make a more impactful and personal corporate gift, that is also possible. In fact, it is heavily encouraged to show that a senior manager profoundly cares about their colleagues enough to make an extra effort on gifts.

    We can suggest many possible items as products in a custom-made corporate gift. The best part is that they can work for either employees or clients, as it shows gratitude towards their valued contributions to the company. Whether the gifts are there to treat the staff with snacks or grant extra convenience, the appreciation will be there. Here are the best corporate gift box ideas ideas to work around with in the meantime.

    Drinking Bottles and Travel Mugs



    Zak! Designs Insulated Travel Mug in gift box


    It might be easy to be confused about the usability of a drinking bottle back at home, especially if there is no incentive to go out. However, it adds up to the convenience of refilling drinks, simplifying the whole process. It is a massive improvement to possible time management for employees and clients as they work from home. Even better if they have their own beverages to prepare, such as energy drinks and supplements. Travel mugs, in particular, will be helpful to keep warm beverages as is without getting cold.

    Those gifts can also be considered even more helpful when employees and clients can traverse outdoors in a safe manner. They are already very convenient tools to have at home, but their value and usage will dramatically increase when employees return to their work offices. It is looking after the workers during both the present and the future in a simplified manner.

    Scented Candles


    Focus on scented candle in the middle of all other products

    Scented candles can be a great tool to enhance the environment in which the employees and clients work back at their homes. There are many benefits a scented candle can bring to individuals, most notably to relieve stress which is crucial for work. It also evokes a warm and happy sensation, contributing to an employee’s productivity during a good mood. It is a treasured item and one of the best corporate gift box ideas.

    Notebooks and Sketchbooks


    Notebook and sketchbook

    Taking notes or visualizing ideas is fundamentally essential for some employees and clients to plan their work in advance. There are many details that one can miss out on, or just to keep their colleagues up to speed. Some tasks require a lot of imagination which needs to be shown in front of everyone’s eyes. With notebooks or Noted organizer, that could be fixed for both yourself and potentially others while discussing in virtual meetings.

    Coffee and Tea


    Collection of tea

    It is best to look after your staff in many ways, especially for their mornings, adjusting to their home and work balance. For that problem, mainly, the most notable warm beverages come to the rescue and give a solid boost to their work batteries. Coffee especially is a must-have item for any early morning employee that wants not to be caged by the comfort of their bed.

    On the other hand, tea is more for relaxing any potential stress or anxiety that might pop up during working hours. Anything could pop up and mess with a staff member’s productivity and motivation, which would hinder their work’s final quality. With a soothing cup of tea, the relief would be paramount to getting them back into their work rhythm.

    House Decorations and Appliances

    They might not affect employees’ and clients’ productivity at first glance, but gradually it will improve their own perception back at home to improve themselves. A person’s behavior and motivation go back to back with the environment they live in as they work. Sometimes, someone is demotivated to do their best because they felt at their best back at their work office. This effect could change with home-oriented corporate gifts.


    FRIENDS wall frame focus

    A simple decoration such as wall frames and vintage tins can improve a room’s general vibes within the house. An employee can personalize their home with gifts directly from the business they contribute in, enhancing their outlook on their loyalty and value. It can also be a close reminder to their own work office, knowing that some of the decorations put up in their room came directly from their superiors.


    Jaddo's Resin Quarter Black Coaster

    Simultaneously, the business can send functional house appliances that would enhance an employee’s house’s convenience, such as less need to clean up all the time. Coasters can be a great example of how they decrease the need to clean cup stains on desks. Not only would they look good, but they are also helpful appliances that could make everyone’s lives much more manageable.

    Personal Accessories


    Chaine Mobile Hanger

    When it comes to corporate gift box ideas, nothing is better than potential accessories that employees can use for their daily lives, especially when work returns to normal. Whether they would be everyday accessories unrelated to the business’s branding or official merchandise, it can be a personal and valuable gift. Examples could include new keychains, gender-neutral clothing accessories, lanyards, and more.

    Tabletop and Card Games

    People should not work all the time or risk getting burned out very quickly, especially in unfamiliar times of working from home. Having some encouragement to unwind by sending some card games, for example, could show that managers deeply care about their staff members’ free time. In fact, said managers could encourage and foster a more positive environment by hosting a virtual game night so colleagues could get closer during quarantine.


    Giftopiia gift box containing a collection of card games

    Building up deep connections and bonds between workers, in general, improves general team-oriented productivities drastically. Utilizing game-oriented corporate gifts to actual use can deepen various teams during the free time so that senior managers could incentivize communication. Lack of communication incentive and comfort could drastically impact projects negatively. Next thing you know, after a fun game of Uno, a notably quiet employee begins to communicate at work much more regularly.

    Those are some of the cool and creative ideas any business can work with to prepare the best corporate gift possible for them. Those are pretty simple and easy to work with, so if convenience is the worry, they are beneficial ideas. Companies don’t need to just work with easy and non-demanding corporate gifts, though. If they desire, making luxurious and high-end corporate gifting is more than possible.

    Luxurious and High-End Corporate Gift Ideas

    Going all out would catch employees and clients off-guard but in a fantastic way. They are expensive options that exist if you want to demonstrate how much you want to reward the employees and clients. They might have done extraordinary results that turned the company around to astounding success. In this section, high-end and luxurious options will be listed to go above and beyond for employees and clients.

    Electronic Accessories

    Technology is something a lot of individuals try to catch up with as much as possible. It makes lives easier, enhances experiences, fosters entertainment, and more. Electronic products and accessories are highly sought by almost everyone, which is why they make for great high-end gifts. Many items could fit within this category that would guarantee satisfaction from employees and clients.


    JBL T500 Wireless Headphones

    Headphones and speakers could bring a lot of convenience and enjoyment for anyone. The former could get a better audio quality that would improve audible factors during virtual meetings and needed privacy at home. The latter brings a similar improvement but with the lack of privacy offering that they could not need for employees who live independently.


    Google Home Mini

    Meanwhile, a smart home system such as Google Home Mini would bring many fundamental features for anyone with many tasks. A smart home system is a must-have for busy workers with features such as a specialized alarm system, robust voice assistant technology, and specialized scheduling functions. In an instant, an employee can have more substantial productivity and time management capabilities thanks to a single electronic system.

    Luxurious Accessories

    Many things could help improve employees’ perceptions of themselves in different ways. It is even more apparent when recognizing luxurious and cool brands that help with staff members personalizing themselves. Whether they are clothing, fragrances, or smaller accessories, they contribute to someone being themselves. It is even more potent for loyalty-building if they are from expensive brands.


    Montblanc Emblem Intense Perfume

    For example, fragrances and perfumes are excellent luxury gifts to consider. It significantly improves individuals’ perceptions of themselves along with others towards them. The scent is something many people take note of, whether towards others or themselves. It will also be a handy gift to utilize while going out in the future when environments are safer.


    Tommy Hilfiger-Oriented Gift Box

    There are many high-end brands that many people look out for as much as possible as clothing. With premium prices, it is difficult to buy expensive brands all the time consistently. Brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and more are examples people crave to have for their fashion. Many are considered as gender-neutral options for even more convenience, besides one which would fit more for personal preferences. Items such as ties, key ring fobs, wallets, and more are perfect high-end gifts from luxury brands.

    These are the best high-end and luxurious ideas to use as corporate gifts for employees and clients. However, the possibilities are limitless if there are other interests to pursue while going all out with the most expansive corporate gifting event possible. Anything and everything can work; the critical factor is to plan it all out to satisfy the staff members. Other than that, it is in your power as a business to make the most awesome corporate gifts possible.

    Final Words

    We discussed many ideas to bring the best corporate gifting experience imaginable for senior managers and their employees. The blog post started by describing what the concept of corporate gifting is and its effect on business on both ends. Not only that, the article began listing many ideas for ready-made corporate gift boxes as the starting point. After that, we formed ideas for businesses that would instead customize their own corporate gifts for their employees.

    It started with more straightforward gifting ideas of many varieties to demonstrate no limit on what can be gifted. After that, it progressed to more high-end and luxurious ideas for companies willing to go all out. After all, anything can be made as a perfect corporate gift for everyone involved. The question is when the company will gift them for the time being. To answer that, check out the “Corporate Gifting” section on the website for details on booking quickly.

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