How to Make Your Crystal Gifts Box The Best with giftopiia & Asfour

best crystal gift box

Receiving a crystal gift from your loved ones has always been heartfelt.

We feel extremely blessed to hold such an ambitious partnership with Asfour Crystal to bring you the gift of wonders for your loved ones.

In this article, we would like to shed more light on Asfour Crystal and their amazing offerings, along with the general ambition we were striving to achieve through this all-around-crystal partnership and journey.

What is Asfour Crystal?

Asfour Crystal is a luxurious platform that specializes in producing spectacular crystal products that don't only stop at decorating purposes. Asfour Crystal possesses all-time master craftsmen that create top-quality crystal wonders for every place. from lighting, accessories, to gifts!

Since 1961, Asfour Crystal kept a powerful dedication to crystal production made from the purist sand grains. Thanks to that, the crystals have been globally recognized as the purest with everlasting shine.

To this day, Asfour Crystal exports its alluring offerings to more than 90 countries worldwide. All this effort is made so Asfour Crystal can be dedicated to keeping the position of being the top crystal brand in the world.

All of that is made possible thanks to the talented and passionate crystal designers, having the ambition to make every room hold their beautiful shine.

Forming the Crystal Collaboration

With this unique opportunity, we at giftopiia desired to bring stronger possibilities inside a gift box. Yet, we really wanted you to create outside-of-the-box gifts. Given that, we formed this collaboration so your gifts can get even more personal.

But what are the odds? Our ambition was to always bring more attractive gifts that add a sentiment in itself. Thankfully, this was more than possible after creating a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration.

This unique partnership brings out more options for gift-lovers to build a more mind-blowing gift box for their loved ones. By giving our gift gurus some crystal and with the help of Asfour Crystal’s talented craftsmanship, we made it happen to send these gifts to anyone all over Egypt with an unmatched gift potential, service, and delivery all over the country!

Bringing a variety of isolated crystal products and curated gift boxes, we both strive to push the gifting desires to new limits.


The Most Wonderful Crystal Gift Boxes

Within this collaboration, we are set to show everyone our available gift boxes curated specifically for easier crystal gifting. They are set for two unique scenarios but they all are worthy of exquisite celebration.


Best Crystal Housewarming Gift Box


The first dedicated crystal gift box is a beautiful gift for newlyweds. The “Housewarming Gift Box” offering will have the celebrated couple feel at home within their new home. Thanks to collaborating, it was possible to create the perfect gift that sets the scene right for the married duo with the perfect shine.


Unique Crystal Promotion Gift Box


 crystal gift box


As for the second one, it is more business-oriented that is looking to spice up any employee’s personal office space. With the “Promotion Gift Box” wonder, a ray of shine coming to reflect its crystal will do wonders with one’s productivity levels. After all, any hard work needs to be recognized. With this gift, it is the perfect way to show employees that they are deeply valued gems.


Final Words

It has been a great run and we are glad we made such a collaboration happen with a recognized crystal producer for curating such wonderful gifts for everyone. With promising standalone and life-long products along with our timeless ready-made gift boxes made for the occasion. Beautiful crystals can be gifted now back better than ever.

Visit giftopiia to learn more about our crystal gifts offerings and start preparing the gift of wonders for your family and friends. We are here to support your gifting journey in every possible way.

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