The Art of Gifting in Ramadan: What Your Gift Should Contain

The Art of Gifting in Ramadan: What Your Gift Should Contain

Ramadan Kareen to everyone as we have entered the holy month, full of love and kindness. How to show them along with generosity, which everyone will spread around the most during Ramadan? Not only that, what would count as the best ideas to work with to fit the theme of the holy month? So many questions float in everyone’s minds as they want to go all out for Ramadan specifically.

Never fear, as we got a variety of ideas along with specifically curated gift boxes ready to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan. Not only are they great options to consider while planning amazing gifts, but they also fit the Ramadan aesthetic perfectly. Join us as we guide you through the art of gifting in Ramadan and how to make the best gift box imaginable for your loved ones. Check out what we have already in the store if there are specifics that you want to include in the gift box while you consider the following ideas.

Sebha and Mus’haf

Ramadan set of Sebha prayer beads and Mus'haf

Those are the essential offerings that everyone should consider within any Ramadan-oriented gifts for the month. After all, it is a holy and religious tradition for Muslims all over the world in particular. The gift should demonstrate the sacred spirit of the essential month within Islam, which you can easily do with the following items.

Sebha is vital while doing the Tasbih prayer, which involves saying the prayer numerous times. With Sebha prayer beads, Muslims can easily keep track of counting during the Tasbih. Muslims want to spread their appreciation, gratitude, and love for Islam all the time. For Ramadan in particular, we all want to show our pride and care towards our religion. It is always encouraged to make it even easier and more accessible for more people during this holy and festive month.

Mus’haf, in the meantime, is the most valuable codex that all Muslims hold dear and with absolute care. It is practically the written form of the holiest possession of all time, the Quran. Gifting someone with a Mus’haf shows your care and dedication to Islam, along with wanting to demonstrate that care to your loved ones. Not only that, but it is practically the best gift anyone can think of befitting of the festive month of Ramadan.

With these two valuable possessions, the perfect Ramadan gift box is already being made to show the vital Islamic month’s spirit fully. Always include Sebha prayer beads and Mus’haf in any Ramadan gift while considering the rest of the ideas to work with. Speaking of the other ideas, we will talk about them next.

Ramadan Snacks and Beverages


Bassiouni Nuts


Having food to nibble on during Suhoor is always encouraged after long hours of fasting during the day. The nature of Ramadan is to demonstrate how vital care and kindness are, as everyone is not as fortunate as others. With the following gifts, you will be looking out for someone’s Suhoor or even Iftar. You can never know that you significantly helped someone through a struggle they never mentioned.

It starts with nuts, which is a very popular snack to add to the gigantic Iftar feast or eat during Suhoor. In general, nuts are a delicious and simple treat to enjoy yourself with whenever you have a craving for any kind of food. The best part is that they are very healthy compared to many other goodies that anyone can spoil themselves with. Considering the delicacy itself, along with its healthiness, a collection of nuts will satisfy anyone.

As for dates, they are precisely one of the most famous delicacies available for Arabs. Not only are they healthy, which is similar to an assortment of nuts, but they are also very sweet. Dates also have strong prominence within Islamic traditions as well, which fit wonderfully for celebrating Ramadan. Compared to nuts, dates are highly recommended and are more strongly bound to satisfy anybody’s cravings during Iftar and Suhoor.

The following treats and snacks are the best options for any Muslim during the holy month of Ramadan, but you can also add any other favorite food that you know your loved ones appreciate. The sky is the absolute limit, but nuts and dates are easy recommendations that fit the general theme of holy Ramadan month. Food is not the only important aspect a body needs, but also beverages.


Juice Glass and Second Nature Tea


In Ramadan, thirst is a fundamental aspect of fasting along with hunger. One should not just go without food, but also without any drinks as well. Water can be the most integral beverage to focus on, but that is merely for living and nothing more. Like food’s importance for the body, there is also a variety of them for everyone’s preferences. The best beverages for Ramadan after fasting are juices and tea.

Juice is an excellent beverage with diverse types and flavors to appreciate by almost everyone. The possibilities are endless, especially with the flexibility for one person’s own preferences and favorites. It is considered one of the easiest beverage-related gifts you can bring for anybody you love, along with being one of the tastiest ones. Nothing better than a refreshing fruit-flavored juice during Iftar to keep everyone going.

As for tea, it is another easy idea to work with as a beverage-involved gift that is perfect for Ramadan. After a long day of work or general exhaustion, tea is always an effective solution for calming feelings. Just like juices, many varieties of tea exist for every single individual. However, all bring the drink’s vital aspect: to offer a warm, delightful, and relaxing experience for everyone.

After all the talk about food and beverages, anyone should consider another category of gifts to enhance their loved ones’ Ramadan experience.

Ramadan-Oriented House Items


Tea Mug and Coaster, along with a brief look on a candle and soap


Improving the aesthetic of your loved ones’ homes is something considered a very caring action to make, especially during Ramadan. Not only that, but you can also make their lives easier with some handy appliances that might help in many ways. They also can fit with the Ramadan theme depending on their appearances and usages, especially during Iftar timings. For the valuable goods, coasters and trays can do a lot for those who like to prepare many things.

Coasters are mighty helpful in enhancing the looks of tables and having less cleaning to prepare each time. They are simply considered items you could place cups and mugs on while holding many different appearances. The best part is the usual wet stain cups would leave on the tables would no longer be an issue to worry about. After a big feast with many cups all over the dining table, coasters would be a life-saver when it comes to cleaning up everything after.

As for trays, there is a lot to carry before Iftars that might be too overwhelming for many people. With many plates and cups to carry around then food immediately after, it is a lot of hard work for the hosts. Trays can simplify things significantly by allowing the idea of carrying multiple items conveniently to happen. With hosts, the idea of holding various items in one go isn’t exactly an intimidating thought to have for any longer.

That’s all the ideas we wanted for everyone to focus on as potential items rather than a whole gift box. If you are in a hurry or enjoy a more accessible gifting experience, we offer that as well. In fact, we encourage you to check out our Ramadan-curated gift boxes that are ready to bring the ultimate gifting experience. 

Ramadan-Curated Gift Boxes

With giftopiia, there are three different and specialized Ramadan gift boxes ready to be given. We intend to make this Ramadan the most caring and sharing holy month possible. With the following ready-made gift boxes, we are confident this goal is within reach for all of you.

Ramadan Nights Gift Box


giftopiia's Ramadan Nights Gift Box


This specific gift box is perfect for spending a night with your loved ones during Iftar or Suhoor, with a robust variety of treats and goods that perfectly set the mood. It is a simple but fantastic gift to have ready during one of these nights. They include:

  • Alyaa - 9 Dates
  • Glass Juice
  • Bassiouni Nuts
  • Raha Candle Oud
  • Second Nature Tea

Happy Ramadan Gift Box


giftopiia Happy Ramadan Gift Box


A bit more robust and specialized, the following gift box is the perfect kit to wish your loved ones a happy Ramadan month. Unlike the previous one, this is more specific for the general Ramadan aesthetic and Islamic essentials to hold during the holy month. They include:

  • Wet'n Dry Ramadan Set
  • Tulipe Cup
  • Coaster
  • Bassiouni Nuts
  • Raha Candle Oud
  • Bubblzz - Oud Soap

3ezouma Gift Box


giftopiia 3ezouma Gift Box


The most celebratory and expansive Ramadan gift box that is perfect for gatherings. Ramadan, in general, is meant to foster gatherings and communities together. Knowing that it is the ideal environment to surprise your loved ones with the perfect Ramadan gift box of all. They include:

  • Alyaa - 24 Dates
  • 2 Sets of Coffee Cups With Coasters
  • Bassiouni Nuts
  • Raha Candle Oud
  • Ramadan Wooden Tray

Final Words

All of the following ideas live within the spirit and care of the holy Ramadan month. We have explained the art of gifting during Ramadan with some essentials to consider, both as individual gifts and curated gift boxes. However, anything can be regarded as a fantastic gift. Ramadan is known as the month of care, generosity, and kindness. The idea of showing your care and love for those who are close to you is the perfect way of celebrating Ramadan.

Put that into action by planning the perfect Ramadan gift box and achieving the goal of spreading kindness during this month. Order the gift box today, and we are here to help you all the way through to make for the ultimate gifting experience.

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