This Christmas is different but not so different!

Let's address the giant and loud elephant in the room: 2020 hasn't treated us well for all of us. A global-wide pandemic had struck all nations and created unfortunate consequences that affected our lives. It has challenged a lot of individuals and the pandemic still reigns up to this day. This unfortunately means that the current year's Christmas will not be exactly the same as usual. However, the changes will not be as severe as you might initially think.

Of course, the past Christmas festivities involved the supposedly fundamental factor of family and friends gathering together. The social event which consisted of many laughs and gifts directly with each other in the same place. Humans are social creatures, after all, thriving from such events during a long year of difficulties. This year, unfortunately, will remove that said factor for the sake of the public health within countries. It will cause disappointment and frustration that people cannot meet one another within the same vicinity. Although, who said that they couldn't meet at all or even send gifts?


The present times require modern solutions, and fortunately, we hold a lot of them. Technology's current advancements made a variety of activities even more convenient. Skype and FaceTime made it so easy to see each other from afar. There are even niche alternatives that would ease activities such as playing board games and watching movies with loved ones. What one can do physically with others can be done online now thanks to amazing advancements in tech.

Gifting has received a massive upgrade as well, making it much easier. Physically, it had never been simpler, especially with Giftopiia. It is an exact carbon copy of the ordering process for your own orders in online stores such as Amazon. Except, Giftopiia offers more personalization to make the perfect gift. One can easily just group products together in a box with a tailored card to the recipient in a short time. With us, you can never worry about being incapable of sending a memorable gift anymore during this year.

Different or not, it is still Christmas which can be celebrated by using unique solutions. Gifting in particular has never been simplified to this degree before Giftopiia. After all, it is our essential goal to spread the festive nature of giving presents. So what are you waiting for? Let us make your Christmas!

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