Noted - backup

Boldest Task Organizer

Bold and effective way to organize and bring structure to your work day

A friend to your digital tools

 Noted isn't a replacement for your tasking tools, it's meant to work hand in hand. It is Noted to focus on your most important tasks and get them closer to your goals everyday.


Noted is divided into 3 cards

Today, Next, and Someday

Today Card 

Every Morning, prioritize your tasks in 10 easy to read points

Next Card

Record important tasks for later. used to aid you in filling the Next card

Someday Card

Lock on ideas, aspirations, and goals you would accomplish maybe someday

The effect of a simple habit 

Noted is a simple, repeated process.


Efficient based concept

Noted through a simple and efficient way to double up your productivity.

Organized, doesn't feel like work

Easy to read goals so you can prioritize and catch up with your work notes in a few points

Designed to be enjoyed

Positive, productive, and breaks down your day in 10 check boxes