Get to know Birthday Traditions Around the World

Get to know Birthday Traditions Around the World

There are 195 countries in the world today. Each single one of them encounter different traditions in almost everything and when it comes to birthday celebrations, a lot of crazy things are done all over the world. Let’s get you through some of the weirdest rituals in some countries 

Did you know that In Britain they love to buy and exchange lottery tickets more than anyplace else in the world? Yes ! and it would be a very nice birthday gift for them.

In Brazil and Jamaica, they have a tradition of throwing flour at you on your birthday. Jamaicans think that covering the person with flour is fun! 

No matter what age, tradition requests that the birthday boy/girl be ‘antiqued’ or coated with flour. Also, Brazilian kids go beyond that, they don’t just throw flour but also eggs at the birthday child! Sounds crazy but fun isn’t it ?!


On the Atlantic side of Canada, they ambush the birthday girl/boy and grease their nose with butter as they believe it chases away bad luck.

In South American Countries, gifting sharp objects is a sign that you want to cut off your relationship with them! So better avoid any gifts of that kind.


In China, their famous tradition is to eat a plate of long noodles, which is called longevity noodles. The trick is to continue eating a long noodle, slurping it in as much as you can before biting. This symbolizes the longevity of their lives.


When gifting Chinese people, keep in mind that they hate anything to do with the number ‘4’, it’s considered a bad omen for them. Since it’s pronunciation sounds like the word ‘Death’. 

Unlike the color red! Red for them is a symbol of good luck.

In Vietnam, they don’t celebrate their birthday on their actual birthday date but all people celebrate on new year’s day in which they refer to it as “tet”. They believe that a person gets a year older every ‘tet’ and his birthday is not to be acknowledged.


In Mexico, they have one of the most entertaining traditions ever, which is the birthday piñata, you simply grab a blindfold and a broomstick, the piñata is filled with candy so the birthday child keeps hitting the piñata with the broomstick until it breaks down and all candy falls off of it.

In Denmark, If a Man or Woman is single on their 25th birthday, they tie them to a chair or a pole and publicly douse the person with Cinnamon. 

And if the person is still single by 30, then cinnamon is exchanged with a mix of pepper and eggs.

In Guyana, They cook special dishes, for example, lamb curry, duck, chicken, all made with rice. A fruit, black, or sponge is baked by a family member for the birthday person to cut.

In India, They wear colorful dresses and love having chocolates. Also if it’s a birthday at school, the child brings chocolates and distributes them to the whole class.


Let’s wrap it up with the Middle East, most Middle Eastern countries usually organize birthdays at home, a restaurant, or at a pub. Each one of these has its own activities but all of them include celebrating with a cake and vibing with the ‘Happy Birthday’ song.

Some seek a Surprise party for the birthday person. People always go to these birthdays with gifts. Some deliver gifts to a person’s house.

It’s important for them to cut off the price tag from gifts. They also Care about the gift-wrapping more than the gift itself.

Birthdays are happiness and happiness is shaped into plenty of forms. Regardless to which country you were born in, Each person or group has their own way of celebrating the special moments in our lives. One common thing between us all, is that we all care to give and receive gifts from our loved ones and when we do that, Nothing could ever beat that thrill. 

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