How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Valentine's Day 2023?

Best valentine gift for girlfriend 2023

Valentine’s day is coming up, soon shelves will be loaded with flowers, heart-shaped gift boxes & lots of puffy teddy bears. It’s such a sweet thing to celebrate year-round. It’s a great opportunity to flex your creativity in expressing your love to them. Every relationship stage can have a different valentine’s day celebration. Keep in mind if you’re planning out dates or picking out valentine gifts, is your girlfriend really into these kinds of holidays or not? 

But let us tell you this! 

A girl would always melt for an extra effort, an unexpected valentine gift 2023 with unusual romantic gifts for her if she’s not the kind that celebrates valentines, well it’s ok, you’re going the extra mile here!

If you’re reading this article then you girlfriend should be so interested in this kind of holiday & you want to make her feel loved, but you’re wondering what you should do for your girl on valentine's day data 2023?


First, You should plan ahead for what type of best valentine gift for girlfriend to give her, we’ll discuss it later in the article. 

Prepare the unique Valentine gift for girlfriend and either send it to her house or give it to her when you go out later that day.

red flower with chocolate gift


Second, you must take her out, down we’ll be giving you some ideas of where to take her & what activities to do but first, you have to ask yourself some questions: 

  • What does she like doing?
  • What’s her favorite activity?
  • Is there a place she wishes to go to?
  • Where would you think her favorite destination?
  • How vibes do you want to have on valentine's day, is it romantic, fun, aesthetic, or what?

The Best Valentine gift for girlfriend in 2023 to Give her on Valentine’s Day:

There’s a lot of gifts for her you might want to consider while gifting on valentine’s, of course, the valentine's day gifts must be sentimental, romantic, and cute.

15 valentine's gift ideas of what to prepare for a best valentine gift for girlfriend:- 

But before we get to that, you should pick your card wisely.
It’s really important to show your love in your choice of gift-card & the lovely note you’ll leave on it & it would be much sweeter if it has something cute on it wrapped in a unique valentine gift box with a ribbon or glitter or any of the sweet yet crazy wrapping ideas. 


   self care gift box 


1- Accessories & especially earrings & necklaces are very sentimental gifts to give your woman!
2- Beauty products can be such a thoughtful thing to buy her in valentine's day with the help of her girl best friend of course. 
There’re plenty of beauty products you can choose from, you can also get her a perfume. 
3- A bag or a purse 
4- A shoes/ heels/sneakers -- depending on your girl’s Style 
5- An electronic gadget she wanted to have Example: a headset or headphones 
6- A satin eye-mask with a satin pillowcase 
7- A flower box with her favorite chocolates & snacks 
8- A customized t-shirt or hoodie with a picture of you both together or her favorite band or artist or even her fav quote 
9- A Frame with photos of you together 
10- A coaster 
11- A cool designed socks 
12- A stress reliever candle, there are different types of candles to gift her with different flavors & smells 
13- If she’s into writing & reading, get her a diary copybook, a planner, a book. 
14- If she’s into cooking, bring her cooking utensils. 
15- Gift her something to decorate her room with, girls love that. 


ALL the mentioned valentine gift ideas are available at giftopiia so build your unique valentine's day gift box now with giftopiia & let’s get to the next step which is where to take her? 

How to say Happy Valentines Day in 2023?

It all depends on what stage of the relationship you are in, what you say to your girlfriend when you just started dating can’t be the same as after you’ve been together for a long time. 
If you just started dating then make it simple, decent, and avoid intimidating content. 
But after you’ve been together for a long time, you probably know what will melt her heart, and that it’s okay to talk yourself out with no boundaries. 
Manage to write your love note with love, invest in it even if it’s just a simple sentence as I love you. Try to pour all your emotions, be spontaneous and it’s okay to be vulnerable. 

8 Ideas to Write Card to your Loved One on a Valentine’s Day 2023.

valentine gift box

  1. I’m still wearing the smile you gave me last night.

  2. Happy valentine’s day my sweet muffin 

  3. You made me believe in love again and I thank you for that 

  4. I promise to agree to disagree and compromise everything for you my love

  5. Thank you for loving me and trusting me with all your heart, and I promise to do the same forever.

  6. I appreciate your existence in my life & I want you to know that you’re the sweetest thing that has ever happened to me. 

  7. I love you as simple as that 

  8. I’m glad you became the best part of my life, you are a blessing & I thank god for your existence.

Best Places to Visit on Valentine's Day 2023:

You better take her out on valentine day

Here’s a bunch of ideas of where to take her & what to do. 

  • We recommend it’s all a surprise if you’re taking her out better not tell her where. 
  • If you’re giving her a gift better keep it mysterious. 
  •  Take her out blindfolded for a place she always wanted to go or a magical place you’ve always wanted to take her to.
  • If you’re looking for something fun to do on that day: 
  • You have to also keep in mind what she would or wouldn’t prefer to go to, depending on her interests, age & lifestyle.

Fun Places to Visit with Girlfriend on Valentine's Day 2023

  • You can take her to the zoo
  • Take your date bowling 
  • Take her to the movies
  • A fun park or the funfair 
  • A concert of the band she likes
  • Go ice-skating 
  • Stay in and watch Netflix together 
  • Go to a dance club 
  • Go clubbing 
  • Visit the aquarium 
  • Travel inside or outside the country

If you share a certain talent or activity that you can do together, it would be a thoughtful thing to plan for on that day. 
For example, if you both skate you can go skating in new interesting places.
If she sings & you play a musical instrument, you can rent a studio & jam together. 
If she plays basketball or tennis you can play together on that day before you take her to lunch.

Plan a 100% Romantic Valentine's Day Date:

perfect gift box

Choose a fancy restaurant that can customize your sitting with romantic features, like flowers, balloons, or however you wanna shape it. 

 Ask her to dress-up & be ready, pick her up. 

Take her to the place & order her favorite food. Start talking love, it’s time for you to tell her whatever you want to, it’s okay to be vulnerable & free. 

  •  Visiting an art exhibition/museum is another romantic thing you can do. Enjoy the majestic feels of art. Give your eyes the luxury of looking at art whatever it might be. 
  • In the evening take her to lunch & have some chit-chat about the art you guys saw, order food since by the time you might be exhausted & hungry. After eating, surprise her with the gift you brought to her. 
  • Go stargazing, there are a lot of places that are made for this purpose, Impress your woman & brush up on your constellations beneath the stars. It’s probably a place where you can get intimate & share your vulnerable feelings & fears. Don’t forget to give her the gift. It’s always a very nice date that your girl would very much appreciate since girls admire the small meaningful things. You’ll be able to connect with her much better. 
  • Going for a walk by the beach would be such a romantic date for you, the magical breeze that the sea radiates will help you connect with your girl on a much higher level. It will encourage you to talk about new topics & open up to each other. The best time to walk with your lady by the beach is either at sunset or night. 
  • Have a picnic in the sun with your girl with flowers laid down on the green grass, prepare a good breakfast & lay down talk about the universe. 
  • A dine-in maybe? Spending time cooking for your loved one will show the effort you did. Make it a candlelit kind of dinner for some extra romance, along with the gift you prepared for her. 

     it will show that you spent a lot of time planning, which also shows that she is worth that time. Make it a candlelit dinner for that extra hint of romance.

    To sum it up, you know your girl more than we do also girls will always give you hints of what they want you to do for them or what they wish to buy, you only have to pay attention to what she’s saying & you’ll know what to do to her on valentine’s day. Stay away from fighting or arguing on that day or the day before.

    Depending on the type of the girl, you will be able to know where to take her & what to do.

    If you’re looking for gifts to give her on valentine’s day 2023 browse giftopiia best online gift shop in Egypt.

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